K-12 STEM outreach programs are hosted by many GSGC Members throughout the year.  For general information about the programs offered, click the hosting member’s name below. If you would like additional information, or are interested in participating in one or more of these programs, please contact the Affiliate Director at the hosting institution (found on the Affiliate’s page). 

Statewide K-12 student STEM video contest: Lights, Camera, Explore!

Science for Georgia students, by Georgia students. A K-12 STEM video submission contest. Learn more at: Lights, Camera, Explore!

GOT Space (Georgia Outreach Team for SPACE)

Outreach team with undergraduate and graduate Space Ambassadors from Georgia Institute of Technology, Georgia State University, and Kennesaw State University. The team can provide STEM outreach presentations and hands-on demonstrations at K-12 schools, museums, and other educational arenas in the metro Atlanta area (remotely across the state of Georgia).  If this is something you’d like to see in your classroom / school, have your teacher submit the request form found here.

NOTE: At least through the Spring 2020 semester, the GOT Space Ambassador team is only available via remote visits to classrooms and/or remote STEM night events.  

Metro Atlanta Region STEM Programs:

Agnes Scott College - Open to K-12

Supporting K-12 Astronomy Outreach at Bradley Observatory and Delafield Planetarium

Bradley Observatory has had an active K-12 outreach program for over two decades. The Observatory has school group visits to the Observatory, and nighttime visits to local schools. This outreach program is largely voluntary, but work-study students or student volunteers can also help.

Center for Sustainable Communities - Open to K-12

SMART Academy Center of Excellence: BEST Academy Engineering Capstone Project

High School student cohorts deliver community based engineering solutions in Westside Atlanta neighborhoods.

SMART Academy Center of Excellence: Project Success Environmental Education Initiative

Saturday morning program allowing High School students to explore multi-faceted programming related to the environment including sustainable community development, clean energy and energy efficiency, air and water pollution, climate mitigation and adaptation, public health, waste management, and more.  Students participate in six 2-hour Saturday morning sessions.

SMART Academy Center of Excellence: Advance Atmospheric Research and Monitoring Station

Visits to several Elementary, Middle, and High Schools allowing students to explore earth science related topics and interest through established educational delivery venues such as GLOBE, SciStater, NASA and NOAA.

Georgia Institute of Technology - Open to High School Students

STEP Program – Science, Technology, and Engineering Pipeline

The ASDL Science, Technology, and Engineering Pipeline (STEP) Program is an educational outreach program designed to provide hands-on engineering internships to Atlanta-area high school students. Similar to the language immersion programs done for the language arts, STEP is an immersion program for engineering. Students work in teams and are paired with a GT Faculty mentors. Each student team is then given a challenge problem that contributes in a meaningful way to an active research effort on campus. The students work through the summer with their mentor to solve their challenge problem, and present the results to parents, teachers, faculty, and industry representatives at a poster session at the end of the semester.

Other K-12 STEM programs hosted out of Georgia Tech

The Georgia Tech K-12 STEM Connection at Georgia Tech provides a method of viewing K-12 STEM & STEAM programs that are hosted by the various schools and departments on the Georgia Tech campus. Requests for help with K-12 STEM events and projects are available for teachers, school administrators, district superintendents, and Georgia Tech Faculty. Currently there are no on-campus K12 STEAM programs.

The Seth Bonder Camp in Computational And Data Science For Engineering

The Seth Bonder Camp in Computational And Data Science For Engineering is there to provide high school students with a better understanding of the job outlook and careers within industrial engineering and operations research. In this program, participants will learn Snap! which is a visual language that teaches the main concepts of data science and then these concepts are then used in real-world applications to reinforce the information the students learned. This camp is from July 11-15, 2022 in the ISYE Atrium from 9am -5pm and is $450/student. For more information.

CEISMC - Center for Education Integrating Science, Mathematics, and Computing

Center for Education Integrating Science, Mathematics, and Computing- providing STEAM enrichment and outreach for K-12 students

Student programs are built to provide a full summer of fun STEM/STEAM experiences! Their work supports K-12 students outside of the traditional school day by providing innovative STEAM educational outreach opportunites and exciting, hands-on ways to learn about science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics.

Kennesaw State University - Open to High School Students

KSU NASA Pre-college STEM Enrichment

The goal of this program is to help pre-college students improve their performance in STEM subjects. The objectives are to have the students readily recognize STEM related principles, employ the steps of the scientific method, and relate STEM topics to their daily lives. The program consists of ten weeks of activities for 30 high school students who will be invited to participate in an enrichment program that focuses on STEM subjects. The program will meet once each week over a course of four, 5-week sessions. During the program, the KSU college students will work with college faculty to deliver hands-on lessons to pre-college students.

Morehouse College - Open to High School Students

Nuclear, Materials, and Space Sciences (NuMaSS) Summer Enrichment Program

The Nuclear, Materials, and Space Science (NuMaSS) Enrichment Program of the Department of Physics & Dual Degree Engineering Program at Morehouse College sets out to address the increasing need for the creation of a next generation STEM workforce. This science program caters to middle and high school students who desire an opportunity to engage in college courses and college laboratories, thus strengthening and reinforcing their fundamental science and mathematics skills. During the 4-week, commuter experience, approximately 30 rising 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th graders are exposed to curriculum focused in the 3 areas of Nuclear, Materials, and Space Sciences.

PinkSTEM - Open to K-12 Students

Marsbound 2.0! Continuing Mission to the Red Planet

A professional learning community of STEM educators, undergraduate and post-graduate students at Pink Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (PinkSTEM) will be organized to promote a series of workshops with active-learning. Our goal is to Promote the 21st century skills of teamwork, communication and collaboration, as well as economic literacy, through engaging, hands-on challenges that merge invention and entrepreneurship. Four teachers from computer science, computer aid-devices and engineering will explore approaches for including active-learning and integrity literacy and technology in STEM workshops. To support this inquiry into active learning in STEM fields, two Georgia Institute of Technology doctoral candidates have agreed to a teaching circle for current classroom educators to take to their classroom setting and share with the community. The workshops will engage 30 students and their parents from the community of College Park, Georgia who were invited to the Kennedy Space Center in Titusville Florida for a Journey to Mars Exploration class and exhibit. By bringing elementary, middle and high school students to the Kennedy Space Center, we hope to inspire future aviators.

Aviation, Aerospace, Aspire Convention (A3) Convention

Pink STEM, Inc ™ ., an organization dedicated to building awareness and attracting girls to aviation and other STEM Careers. We will be hosting our first annual A3 Convention “Aviate. Aerospace. Aspire” on Earth Day Saturday and Sunday, Apri1 21st and 22nd, 2018 at the NASA Space Kennedy Center in Florida. The day of activities will introduce girls to the possibilities of aviation as a career or avocation. The impact of this convention will build awareness through educational and social activities at no cost to students who are eligible scholarship recipients. Thus alleviating stress of students unable to attend due to financial strife, helping our girls and their families. We expect 300+ guests at the A3 Convention where a slide show will be on a running loop as an additional way to recognize and thank our sponsors. Additionally Pink S.T.E.M. Inc ™ . will recognize all the sponsors through various media campaigns which include our website – www.pinkstem.org, Facebook, Twitter and our monthly newsletter. Girls from surrounding schools between the ages of 5 and 18, we have a fun-filled, action-packed day planned to introduce her to aviation or expand her growing interest. The girls will be in the presence of amazing role models ranging from airline pilots to aircraft mechanics to aviation industry executives. They’ll learn how to read a sectional chart, go on a scavenger hunt, learn the phonetic alphabet, fly a flight simulator, build an airport, learn to use tools by making wire bracelets, and lots more hands-on activities. Teachers will be able to Network and attend STEM Workshops to increase STEM Classroom Fluency. The purpose of this Convention is helpencourage the next generation of women in aviation by participating in our A3 Convention: Aviate. Aerospace. Aspire Day.

Middle Georgia STEM Programs:

Commodore Conyers College and Career Academy (4CAcademy) - Open to Middle and High School Students

Southwest Georgia Regional Model Bridge Building Competition

Commodore Conyers College & Career Academy in Albany conducts activities annually to foster an environment of understanding and enthusiasm toward engineering profession among high school and middle school students and their parents in southwest Georgia. An annual balsa wood model bridge building competition has been held since 2003 during National Engineers Week. Student teams build the model bridges to very stringent specifications prior to the contest which are tested by professional engineers from the local industry. The bridges are scored by the ratio of breaking load to the empty weight and top three teams are recognized with prizes.

Fort Valley State University - Open to High School Students

Cooperative Development Energy Program (CDEP)’s Mathematics, Science, and Engineering Academy (M-SEA)

The objective of the Mathematics, Science, and Engineering Academy (M-SEA) program is to provide a continuous pipeline for minority and female students from 9th grade through the PhD majoring in STEM disciplines. The students selected to participate in M-SEA are academically-talented and considered the cream of the crop in their respective schools. These students are recruited throughout the nation and are academically prepared to take on the challenging classroom and laboratory sessions taught by the faculty. M-SEA is a learning experience that goes beyond what the students are normally taught at their middle schools and high schools. The professors expose the students to advance mathematical concepts, hands-on laboratory experiments, and mentoring activities. Also, M-SEA inspires the students to pursue careers in STEM disciplines by the excellent field trips. M-SEA consists of four different academies made up of four academic classifications, 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th grade students. Students who remain in the CDEP pipeline until their senior year in high school increase their chances of receiving full scholarships for college in one of CDEP’s 3+2 dual degree programs: mathematics/engineering, mathematics/geology, mathematics/geophysics, chemistry/geology, biology/health physics, chemistry/health physics, and mathematics/health physics.

Mercer University - Open to K-12 First Robotics Teams

Robotics Workshop for Middle Georgia First Robotics Teams

The Robotics workshops for students and coordinators cover all aspects of the FIRST Robotics Competition. Students learn sensor characteristics and sensor fusion and their relationship to actuators in the context of autonomous programming, students gain ideas and strategies on how they could solve or improve on previous year’s designs.

Museum of Aviation - Open to K-12 Students

Museum of Aviation Foundation STEM Summer Camps

The Museum of Aviation Foundation Education Center’s National STEM Academy aims to educate, engage and inspire students and teachers in the foundations and innovations of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) through motivating workforce development programs. It offers exceptional learning experiences to challenge students to apply theoretical knowledge of science and math in a problem-solving context.

Eastern Georgia STEM Programs:

Armstrong State University - Open to K-12 Students

Each One Teach One

EOTO pairs elementary school students in Savannah Chatham County with mentors who are undergraduate engineering students from Armstrong State University. The program involves weekly visits in which elementary school students are tutored in deficit areas and simultaneously introduced to engineering concepts via hands on projects. The program typically employs six to eight undergraduate students as mentors.

Future Leaders in Engineering and Technology

This program is for high school students interested in engineering careers (particularly NASA related). It allows students to tap into their own ingenuity, creativity and mechanical aptitude through competitive engineering design. All local high schools in Chatham county and surrounding areas are contacted to provide an engineering design team (4-6 students). Each team will develop a concept and prototype eligible for competition promoted by Armstrong State University’s Engineering Program. Selected engineering college students will assist teachers who have volunteered to coach individual teams.