GSGC is committed to helping parents and educators during this difficult time. We have compiled a list of resources for parents and educators that can help ease the transition to online schooling for students of all ages. The following are educational experiences that can be viewed online

We will continue to update these resources as they become available.

Printable Posters:

Massive Star Formation poster series (upper grade level)

Agnes Scott College developed this series of Star Formation posters during the 2019-2020 academic year.  Includes: Star Formation and the Next Generation VLA (Very Large Arrays), Hot Gas and “Flickering” Regions in W49A, and Spectral Lines and what they can tell us

Massive Star Formation poster series (middle grade level)

Agnes Scott College developed this series of Massive Star Formation posters during the 2015-2016 academic year. Includes: Giant Molecular Clouds, Flickering Regions, and HII Regions.

Virtual/ Online Experiences:

Smithsonian Air and Space Museum

The Air and Space Museum offers online programs, stories, videos, activities, virtual tours, and resources.

The Georgia Aquarium

The Georgia Aquarium has a series of lessons by age range for learning at home. In addition to the lessons, they also have live cams of several of the sea animals, as well as a video series and an virtual art gallery that students can submit art work to.

Mark Rober YouTube

Mark Rober is a former NASA Engineer, who is currently working to be come a high school Physics teacher. He is hosting an online science class on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 1pm PT/ 4pm EST. Where he experiments and explains his way to answer science questions.

Virtual Tour to the Sun

Take a virtual tour from Earth to the Sun, with stops at our Moon, Venus and Mercury! The fifteen minute tour looks great and provides plenty of cool facts and information as well.

Georgia Public Library Service

The Georgia Public Library Service has countless online programs available, as well as temporary eCards for checking out books online. You can also check if your local library has other useful online resources using the search feature on the webpage linked above.

Activities and Experiments:

NASA Stem @ Home

STEM activities at home you can complete with your family! Targeted age range is K – 4.

Explore Earth and Space: What is a Galaxy?

NASA web page with tons of information about space, and is aimed towards children to both entertain and get them more curious about our galaxy.

Hip Hop Astronaut on GoNoodle

Hip Hop Astronaut sings a song about the solar system and dances.

Mars virtual field trip

Tour the surface of Mars using pictures taken by the Curiosity rover! It also includes interesting facts and an interactive component, as you can tour Mars in whatever direction you want to go.

Outer Space Word Search

Space-themed word search activity.

Tellus Science Museum – MuseumFromHome

The Tellus Science Museum has a page of coloring sheets that can be printed at home for a fun activity.

Home School Resources:

Breakthrough Homeschooling in Georgia

Advice on how to get started and a step by step process you can follow to establish a homeschooling program in Georgia. Briefly discusses the legal aspects of beginning a homeschooling program. Also includes programs that will help and organizations to join.

How to Homeschool In Georgia

  • An overview of Georgia home school laws.
  • An introduction to home school groups in Georgia
  • Description of how Moving Beyond the Page can help you get started.

Resources for Homeschooling in Atlanta

Fun locations to visit and institutions that can provide classes and other resources to supplement homeschooling in Atlanta.

Resources for Homeschooling Online

A list of sources gathered to provide insight and aid in the homeschooling process.

How to Build A good Homeschool Curriculum

General guidelines and advice for beginning to home school.