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ORBIT Education, Inc.

Consortium Member Since 1995

Affiliate Director: Mr. Tony Docal, President

Contact Information:
400 W. Peachtree Street, NW #2614
Atlanta, GA 30308
(678) 360-2007

ORBIT Education, Inc.

Organization information : Orbit Education (OE) is a non-profit organization based in the metropolitan area, but has K-12 and informal education collaborations throughout the State.OE works with Kennedy Space Center Education Specialists to provide NASA content to K-12 schools. OE also works with NASA Resource Centers, K-12 public and private institutions, colleges and universities and industry to provide pre-college programming for students and i- service programs for teachers.


GSGC Funded Activities 2014 – 2015

Beyond the Shuttle Competition

Beyond the Shuttle provides middle school students the opportunity to demonstrate their 3D design skills. The competition will require participants to create an innovative vehicle that will take humans to the Moon, Mars, and beyond using 3D design software of their choosing. The competition will also require them to research past manned space vehicles and describe their unique approach for future space travel. The activity engages middle school students in the engineering design process; provide a pipeline activity that requires the use of 3D design software; provide activities that require research and communication skills; expose students to NASA's missions of human exploration and future manned missions to ISS, the Moon, Mars, etc.

High School Intern Program

Orbit will serve as a conduit between the high schools and STEM internship opportunities by recruiting students, placing students, checking internships to make sure they complement high school curriculum, and administering evaluations.
Students who are eligible for the internship programs are rising juniors and seniors in public and private schools in Georgia.

K-12 Student Enrichment

OEI provides 4 summer educational enhancement programs to 100 high school students demonstrating the engineering design process. Students use SolidWorks designs to create interactive programs that demonstrate the workings and assembly of their design. Students will be exposed to the process of communicating engineering principles as currently used in industry.