For College Students

For College Students

The GSGC sponsors student internships at colleges and universities, NASA, and in industry. Additionally the GSGC sponsors student hands on projects and extracurricular team activities such as the University Student Launch Initiative team, Microgravity teams, Mars Desert Research Stations teams, etc.

For internships, please continue to visit this site. For all other activities, please complete the following application at this link:

Atlanta Metro Area

Generation Orbit

Generation Orbit Internships
Generation Orbit provides paid internship opportunities for college-age students at their facilities in Atlanta, GA. Students are given challenging and representative engineering tasks related to engineering software development, high-speed flight systems, and multi-disciplinary design in a New Space entrepreneurial environment. The current proposal extends our existent partnership with GASGC and NASA in offering professional internships to students interested in pursuing a career in the space systems industry.

Georgia Institute of Technology

2015 JSC Wearable Technology Symposium Support
This is a research project for undergraduate and graduate students from the school of interactive computing and the school of industrial design to work on interdisciplinary teams that create wearable technology projects for NASA under the mentorship of NASA engineers from JSC, and showcase their work in a Wearable Technology Symposium at JSC.
Rocket Rescue Robot Competition
Dr. William Singhose in the School of Mechanical Engineering manages an extracurricular activity that provides undergraduate and graduate students with an opportunity to build a robot and launch it up to 3,000 m over the Black Rock Desert in Nevada. After being ejected from the rocket at that altitude, the goal is have the robot autonomously reach a remote target in the desert and "rescue" people stranded at a location. Numerous teams from around the world compete to get their machines closest to the target.

SpaceWorks Enterprises, Inc.

SpaceWorks provides paid internship opportunities for college-age students at their facilities in Atlanta, GA. Students are given challenging and representative engineering tasks related to NASA's advanced space systems analysis, engineering software development, high-speed flight systems, engineering economics, and multi-disciplinary design. There is also a High School Internship Component during the summer.


University of North Georgia

Several programs are funded at the University of North Georgia including the Student Telescope Operator Program. This program trains 3-5 undergraduate telescope operators each semester. These students open the telescope on every clear week night for public viewing and for the introductory astronomy students, who are required to make observations on the telescope as part of their coursework. These operators often continue their education in graduate school in astronomy or a related field after they leave North Georgia.
Development of an Educational Radio Telescope
The North Georgia Educational Radio Telescope (NERT) has been under development with the help of NASA Space Grant funds for the last few years. Undergraduate student assistants are supported in the development of the NERT and to be trained to help conduct undergraduate astronomy labs and public demonstrations using this telescope.


Albany State University

Research Experience in Scientific Payload Design and Launch
ASU’ s student ballooning project started with a 9 week NSF funded summer workshop for a faculty/student team in LSU in 2009. Since then, they have launched one payload with another team and 4 more independently in southwest Georgia. Student teams are recruited in the fall semester, then go through the yearlong activity of designing, prototyping, testing, assembling and finally launching the student payload at least once a year.
Agricultural Application of Remotely Piloted Vehicle
ASU has a program for undergraduate students to assemble a drone from commercially available components. They learn to program the controller to fly the drone around a set pattern by laying out waypoints on a google map.


Armstrong Atlanta State University

Summer Undergraduate Research (SURE 2014)
The Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE) program provides undergraduates within the rural southern United States opportunities to pursue research in engineering topics relevant to NASA, increase awareness and visibility of NASA projects and ultimately stimulate interest and the desire for careers in engineering in fields relevant to NASA’s mission.


Mercer University

Open Robotics Laboratory for Undergraduate/Graduate Students to Promote Hands-on Research
With funding support from Georgia Space Grant Consortium and Mercer University, the Open Robotics Laboratory (Machine Intelligence and Robotics Laboratory, MIRL) was developed in the new Science and Engineering Building with work benches, equipment, consumable materials, and large open floor space for experiments. The Laboratory is open to any student with interests in robotics or intelligent machines. Students can walk into the lab and start on predefined small projects, larger projects with other members, research projects led by senior undergraduate or graduate student, or their own projects


University of West Georgia

Undergraduate Research: Physical Properties of Nano-Materials
GSGC funding is used for an undergraduate research program, specifically the study of the physical properties of powdered nano-materials, and the usage of these materials in the space program. NASA is very interested in nano-materials and in having workers in this field. This project helps in two areas: finding out how nano-materials behave in magnetic fields and at varying temperatures and pressures and by giving STEM undergraduate students direct research experience.